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SMN was started in 2008  after I was watching Iron Man (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) and seeing that movies are starting to crossover there heroes. I wanted to start a website that would give you all the greatest comic book movies news in a simple to view website. So I started one over at Webs.com and ran it for several years trying to make a name for myself. Then on August 2013 I officially moved the full site over to Blogger.com for a full "Reboot". It was here I hired a staff of writers and together we're trying to make Superhero Movies News one of the leading sources in film editorial and news! We are growing as an ever expanding fan-community dedicated to bringing you the news first!

Superhero Movie News: Executives

Caleb Williams  - Editor-in-Chief and Founder
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Isaiah Whittington - Senior Managing Editor
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Superhero Movie News: Senior Staff

Roby D'Ottavi - Senior Editor 
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Justin Shanlian - SMN Film Critic
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Joshua Hart - Guest Contributor