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Are you looking to buy some advertising space on Superhero Movie News?! Well your in luck! We are offering 1 Year Contract for websites interested:

Small Package - 1 300x300 Block Advertisement Image (Every Page on Side-Bar) $65

Medium Package - 1 640x90 Banner Ad Image (Every Page on Top) $145

Large Package - 1 300x300 Block Ad AND 1 640x90 Ad $195 (Save $15)


:: Customize Your Ad! ::
Give us an image that is calibrated to the Ad Package you purchased. Once we receive it we will look over it and see if it doesn't have any harsh or offensive material on the Ad image.

:: Rules ::
Your ad must be for a website or social media outlet. It must pertain to film, sports, video games, tv shows or any type of pop culture information. It may not be for pornography, spam or illegal downloads. This purchase is up to 1 Year and then it will be taken down until the contract is renewed. If we have multiple Ad's from separate website owners it will be placed on our website and cycle though each ad on Refresh but your ad was not taken down for another. It will reappear on the refresh.

We accept Paypal
(Please allow up to 2 weeks for your payment to be received and for your image to be placed within our website)

:: Contact Info ::
Contact Superhero Movie News Editor-in-Chief Caleb Williams if you are interested in purchasing one of our packages.