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Monday, January 12, 2015

Top 3 Major 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Hoaxes That Broke The Internet

Ever since the start of production on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in late 2013 the internet has run ramped with rumors and speculation. Most of which basically broke the movie-blogging community as well as it's readers. Here we are gonna take a look back and show you the top three hoaxes and gags that almost quite literally broke the internet as we know it.

Let me take you back to September 2013 a month before football scenes were shot by Zack Snyder regarding Gotham U vs Metropolis State. Teen heartthrob and most hated kid on the internet Justin Beiber released and selfie on his official Instagram with him holding a 'Batman vs. Superman" script. He also added in the description "Robin?" as to infer that he has been cast as Dick Grayson to Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne.  Many of his fans congratulated him on the role that he apparently just won. While others took to Twitter to rant about how terrible this casting and Warner Brothers is yet again doomed to fail in their future Batman installments:
 Of course this turned out to be a gag by the guys behind Funny or Die who made the fake script for Beiber to use and punk the internet. He would later appear on Funny or Die's internet show "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galifianakis.

Now let's fast forward a bit to July 2014. We are about half way through principle photography on the newly titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and some reports came out of Latino-Review as well as other websites claiming to have a copy of the actual script. They would slowly over the span of several weeks release small tidbits of the film through their websites from this copy of the script. They included Amanda Waller making an appearance as well references to the second and now deceased Robin Jason Todd.

We at Superhero Movie News ended up getting our hands on the script and pointed out how it's not authentic one bit. Movieweb then went onto claim that this "fake" script was specifically made by Warner Brothers to throw the scoopers off the sent of the actual script in production.They even go as far as to claim Kevin Smith (Huge DC fan and friend of Ben Affleck) was the one hired to pen this fake screenplay. Later Kevin Smith ended up coming out to debunk the idea that he penned the script but pointed to a Twitter account by the name @SonOfArrogance who said he was the one who made the script in less then a week.
Of course this didn't go over to well with the higher ups in the movie blogging community. While most of us laughed off getting punk'd so great by a simple fan some did not. The fan goes onto discuss the hoax with the guys from The Bible of Zack Snyder and how he ended up getting threatened because of his actions.

El Mayimbe just made a hollow threat about tracking my IP address. Nothing big. People are pissed. And funnily enough it’s mostly because of rumors of my identity. People assume I’m in deep with the studio. Others assume I’m actually part of a gossip site. So they’re mad and want answers. Truth is I’m a regular guy with a laptop.

 Now while some may have been pissed at him anonymously submitting his fake script to many movie news websites. Others in the film making business took notice and realized if this fan could write a fully-fledged out screenplay in 5 short days imagine what he could do with several months to a year working for them.

If you wanted to read this fans since revised draft of his Batman vs Superman screenplay you can read it over HERE.

Now last come to last week's newest rumor regarding Batman v Superman. A random image was posted on Imgur from a user claiming  that he has seen the upcoming trailer for Batman v Superman and screengrabed the final frame which showed that the film would be split into two films. Part I Enter the Knight debuting October 23rd while Part II Dawn of Justice still debuting in March 2016:
I have an iPhone video of the teaser trailer (it has updated since, but close with most things), and no, I will never distribute it, but I will offer this screen shot.
 Of course the internet went insane with the prospect that WB would secretly release Part I of Batman v Superman without any promotion or announcement of any kind. Of course this also would be debunked as nothing more then someone with minimal Photoshop skills punking the internet....again. Here is John Campea of AMC Movie News ranting about how many movie news websites ran this story as legitimate news without any proof to support it:

Now while he does get pretty emotional on this rumor he is completely correct. We as movie bloggers and film journalists are the problem when it comes to reporting on all the rumors and speculation that we find on the internet. Remember the joke "If it's on the internet it must be true" well that applies to us as well. We all are fighting to get more hits then the next website but we forget that it comes with a price...and that's confusing and misinforming our readers. We need to be more diligent in fact checking and having supporting sources for all the rumors that can and will be posted online. And with a multitude of comic book movies coming out from now until 2020 the rumors will be even more outrageous...

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