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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Did Director Josh Trank Trash 'The Fantastic Four' Set During Filming?

One comic book movie that debuts later this year but we have yet to see a single still from is FOX's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. It stars Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara and Micheal B. Jordan as Susan and Johnny Storm. With Jamie Bell cast as Ben Grimm. It has been publicly dismissed by most of the comic book movie community as a terrible film that FOX rushed together to retain the rights from Marvel.

Well, recently some new allegations against director Josh Trank has emerged about his involvement on the film. According to several thread posts on Tiger Droppings from individuals associated with the project say he allegedly destroy several thousand dollars worth of property damage to the sets. As well as showing up to the set intoxicated and under the influence.
After the crap Trank pulled in Baton Rouge, i doubt he ever directs a studio picture again. He will certainly never work for Fox. At this point that F4 reboot might never get released.

A buddy of mine was on the crew. Trank showed up to set late or so high he couldn’t speak almost everyday. Some days he didn’t show up at all. He treated crew terribly. He trashed the house the production company rented for him. From what I’m told he did a couple hundred grand worth of damage.

 Trank did so much damage to the house that Jim Gianopulos came to Baton Rouge and personally apologized to the owners. Trust me, Trank’s career is done. There will be no major study [sic] sequels or spin offs for him. He’ll be lucky to get the sequel to a Stabbing at Leia’s 21st Birthday.
 This of course could be taken as nothing more then disgruntled nerds trying to create a story about the director that never actually happened. But both Devin Faraci of Badass Digest and El Mayimbe of Latino-Review also weigh in about the supposed out lash the director committed:
Lastly, Drew McWeeny of HitFix also subtly weighs in on inexperienced directors taking on massive projects:
One of the things I’ve been fascinated by is this sudden push where studios are handing over giant franchise movies to fairly untested filmmakers. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing some stories about how those jobs have worked out. In one case, I hear things are going very well, and people seem to dig the end result. In another case, I’m hearing that the director has stopped taking phone calls from the studio and they’re looking for someone to supervise reshoots.
 It should be noted that Josh Trank was earlier in the year hired by Disney to direct the second untitled stand-alone Star Wars film after Gareth Edwards. So if he acted like this how did he nab that gig or at least retain it in Disney eyes? It's entirely possible he step away from Star Wars if he can't handle the stress that comes with such massive projects. 

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