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Sunday, December 21, 2014

RUMOR: 'Ant-Man' Post-Credit Scene Involving an Old 'Incredible Hulk' Villain?!

Any type of news regarding Marvel's Ant-Man has essentially been silent after filming began down in Atlanta at Pinewood Studios. More specifically how this film will even really mesh fluently into the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well the guys over at Starlog Magazine have posted some tidbits regarding how this will happen.

:: Spoilers Ahead ::

According to their sources Ant-Man will run co-current with Avengers: Age of Ultron on the MCU timeline. And like we all already know the ending of Age of Ultron will kick start the Superhuman Registration Act leading directly into Captain America: Civil War. Another small tidbit is that most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe references will come in flashbacks with a young Hank Pym meeting Agent Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Arnim Zola and Alexander Perice. This new information also mentions he will meet a young hot-head military officer named Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Last time we saw Ross was in The Incredible Hulk played by William Hurt.

That's not all according to their sources in the modern day time period older Hank Pym works in the private sector after the fallout of S.H.I.E.L.D in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also has a large distaste for superheros in general after his time as a hero in the 60's. This leads to the post-credit stinger which has an older General Thunderbolt Ross (Unknown if William Hurt will return; His contract is still active though) visiting Hank Pym at the request of Tony Stark. When Pym asks the General why he is there the General responds by saying “Haven’t you seen the news? We’re at war.”

Lastly, the rumors that Black Widow not having a large role in Captain America: Civil War seems to be confirmed here as well. Apparently she will be arrested and imprisoned for helping fugitive superheros during the time of Civil War. This would allow Scarlett Johansson some time to tend to her family after her new child is born. But a Black Widow breakout down the road isn't out of the question.

Of course this is all just a rumor so take with grain of salt given Starlog Magazine isn't known for their scoops...

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