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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Roberto Orci Jumps Ship From Directing 'Star Trek 3'; Will Edgar Wright Take Over?

News broke today from Deadline that first time director and frequent screenwriter Roberto Orci is stepping down from helming Star Trek 3. This comes after he wrote the first two scripts for director JJ Abrams and was set to make his directorial debut with this massive project. Badass Digest has gone onto learn the plot of his script (written by Patrick McKay & JD Payne) and how it has been thrown out completely:
My sources tell me that the script Orci was working on saw the Enterprise, the Vulcans and a new alien race competing to get a time travel device. The Vulcans want to go back and stop the destruction of their planet, and the time travel schtick is what would allow Chris Pine and William Shatner to share the screen 
This potentially has thrown out the idea that William Shatner would return to the franchise alongside his younger self played by Chris Pine. Much like how Lenard Nimoy has appeared alongside Zachary Quinto as Spock.

But do not fret Star Trek nerds! It is also being reported that Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright is being eyed to take over as director. His longtime friend and frequent collaborator Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) was at one time also rumored to direct Star Trek 3 after JJ Abrams departure so don't be surprised if he helps write the new script with Wright. It should also be noted that Edgar Wright also directed several scenes in Star Trek into Darkness alongside JJ Abrams.

Star Trek 3 is schedule to hit sometime in 2016

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