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Friday, December 12, 2014

No Andrew Garfield or Origin Story if Marvel Regains 'Spider-Man' Rights

Several days ago a massive Sony hack occurred that leaked a multitude of personal data, files, emails and salary earnings from Sony Entertainment. One of the emails was between Sony and Disney on the extremely small possibility in using Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. Which for nerds this is the holy grail of news since Spider-Man hasn't been with Marvel since the 1990's. Unfortunately talks broke down on "creative control" of the character and Marvel moved forward with their Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) version of the Civil War story in place of Spider-Man.

Now it seems Sony Japan the main corporation is furious with Sony Pictures and their handling of their multimillion dollar tentpole in the Spider-Man franchise. They are keeping this supposed deal with Marvel on the table until January to hold a "Spidey Summit" that will figure out what to even do with the character. One is keep on making spin-offs like The Sinister Six and Venom films like previously announced. Another would be make a deal with Marvel in a 60/40 split that would indeed give Marvel creative control of the character but Sony keeps distribution with financing coming from Disney.

Latino-Review has since posted some tidbits on Marvel's contingency plan if they indeed retain partial rights of the characters alongside Sony. First off Andrew Garfield who is by far the best Peter Parker we have seen  on screen will indeed be out. It's unfortunate but no surprise given Marvel wants a fresh start with the character. Spider-Man will not have a role in Captain America: Civil War because the script is already completed with Black Panther taking up the "Spider-Man" role that we saw in the comics. That doesn't mean a Peter Parker cameo can't happen but don't expect anything major. Lastly, Marvel wants to focus on the idea of a teenage superhero again but NOT Spider-Man's origin story. He will have already by the time of their Spider-Man film have already been the web slinger for a while. It's because over the course of 5 films (Webb's and Raimi's) a love story has been the focus of the films. This time it will be more on the difficulties of leading a double life as a teenager and superhero with a love story as a side-plot.

Again, this is just a contingency plan for Marvel if they regain rights to the character...

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