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Monday, November 10, 2014

RUMOR: Is Sony Really Developing An 'Aunt May' Spy Thriller?!

We have heard some crazy rumors in our day but this takes the cake. Today Dave of Latino-Review posted an article stating that Sony has yet to greenlight this project but is seriously suggesting an Aunt May origin movie!
Yes, an Aunt May movie. A movie about Aunt May as a youth, before she was shouldered with the responsibility of raising Peter Parker. The target mood is some sort of espionage story in the vein of AMC’s Mad Men, which sounds like a way of saying “classier Agent Carter” without name-dropping Marvel’s upcoming series.
Yes, the loving Aunt and surrogate mother to young Peter Parker may get her own origin movie to further Sony's attempt to milk the Spider-Man franchise for all it's worth.....I guess secrets really have a cost.

Take with a massive grain of salt because this could have been a simple off handed comment by producer Avi Arad and not a legitimate feature film in consideration...But the fact they would even consider this is quite disturbing.

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