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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gotham Episode Review "Viper"

With each passing episode or chapter within “Gotham” this television show just keeps getting better and better. The characters are becoming more and more interesting and the overall plot for this first season just continues to deliver with each passing episode.

“Gotham” continues to surprise with each and every episode. Not only does the story continue to get better, but the way that the creators are focusing on the story-lines of each and every character has been such a treat to see. Especially watching young Bruce, really come into his own and mature over the course of these few episodes. What has been so interesting in watching young Bruce is that you get glimpse(s) of what his character will be like later in his career as Batman. He is slowly coming into his own and within this episode you see how he wants to start including himself in the day to day operations of Wayne Enterprises.

In “Viper” Bruce wants to call a Board Meeting at Wayne Enterprises to look into the connection his company has within the Arkham Project. Bruce is slowly but surely becoming very aware of his surroundings and the criminals
that lurk throughout Gotham City.

Throughout the course of this great episode we get to see the earliest versions of “Venom” called “Viper.” If you are a fan of Batman you know that eventually the lead from Venom directly correlates to the super-villain Bane. Interesting to see that they are already tackling those future story-lines that the comics and the movies.

The highlight of this episode would have to be the meeting outside of the Casino with Maroni and Falcone. The tensions are high for these two mob bosses and you can tell with the fantastic acting and the great narrative that these two may have a mutual respect for how each mob boss does business, but they certainly have a high distaste for one another.


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