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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

EDITORIAL: Where is Luke At At the Start of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'?!

Many now know that production on JJ Abrams massive Star Wars: Episode VII now titled The Force Awakens has complted filming and the first teaser trailer will debut this weekend. Many have wonder how the original trio in Luke, Leia and Han Solo will play into the new film (With the actors being so much older). And how they will interact with their children in this new children as well as brand new characters that will be introduced.

Now before I start to get into the nitty-gritty of this editorial piece I need to make one thing clear. This whole piece is complete speculation based on the rumors we heard since the start of production. Now while production has been massively secretive (We don't even really know the other characters names) some claim to have heard tidbits of information and have posted them scarcely online. So do take that into consideration before expecting the info to be the absolute truth.\

:: Potential Massive Spoilers Ahead ::

Several months ago a rumor began that the first movie in the new trilogy revolves around Luke Skywalker becoming the most powerful Jedi in the world but is missing. Then most of the film is the old and new characters trying to find him. This includes Daisy Ridleys character....

Then a month or so ago a slew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens concept images had leaked online showing early character and set designs as well as the villain simply titled "Grave Robber". There was a small tidbit of information that in one of the concept images which showed the cyborg-villain holding the burned helmet of Darth Vader (Above)

A rumor then begun circulating that the cyborg holding Vaders helmet is actually Luke Skywalker himself! He has disappeared and seemingly gone to the Dark side in his isolation.

Now just the other day yet another rumor has appeared indicating where Han Solo and the gang find Luke Skywalker:
Luke goes mad because he discovers he f***ing can't control himself. He destroys everything around and kills people with his powers, unconsciously. He leaves his friends and lives in solitude on Mon Cal in a fortress of some f*** old sith lord because the dark side that clouds the place puts him in chains. Luke is now a Yoda + Paul Atreides, he f***ing sees the future, sees the past (that's why the "flashback" scenes were filmed) and he's basically a mentally unstable god. Nobody wants to have anything to do with him, but Han's son (Adam Driver) wants to use Luke's power for his own evil means.
 So if Luke has gone missing and is hiding out in some old Sith Lord's abandoned castle...who's castle could it be? Many don't know but in the original draft for Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back there is a scene also revolving an ancient castle. In the original script Darth Vader himself actually resides within a castle and has pet gargoyles:

Could this all mean that at the beginning of Star Wars: the Force Awakens we find our hero Luke Skywalker secretly hiding out within his Sith fathers castle? It would match up with the other reporters of him holding onto Vaders helmet and also going to the dark side. 

Again, this is all pure speculation based on some information we assume is legitimate that has leaked online....

Star Wars Episode VII hits Winter 2015

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