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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

'X-Men' TV Series Based on Team 'X-Factor' ?

Earlier this year X-Men: Dayf of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg spoke with Collider who mentioned that FOX was considering doing some X-Men spin-off TV series in the future to expand their cinematic universe. Not much came from this off handed comment but just yesterday Bleeding Cool got the word that FOX is indeed considering an X-Men series in the not to distant future.

Then later on Shawn Maden of EatGeek Play went onto say that FOX is considering bringing the mutant team of X-Factor to the small screen.
"The X-Factor series will definitely feature Jamie Madrox and be sort of like 'Fringe in the X-Men world.'"
The show might not end up being called X-Factor because that name has been taken by FOX for the singing competition TV Series. It is still way to earlier to see if this show even gets picked up but it's interesting FOX jumping into television in their own cinematic universe....

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