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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Original Avenger Cast Being Saved For 'The Avengers 4'?

So many know that many of our favorite Avengers contracts are close to being up at Marvel. Most known is Robert Downey Jr who has only one more film after Age of Ultron. Others include Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth who still have another solo and another Avenger film for their respective franchises. So what will Marvel do after the actors no longer want to work at Marvel? Well, many figured that starting in Phase 4 we will simple get brand new Avenger recruits like Ms. Marvel or Black Panther but that might not be the case.

Today, Badass Digest posted a small tidbit that Marvel and Disney may actually save their original Avengers from Avengers 3 for the inevitable Avengers 4. Now well many jump to the conclusion they could be setting up Civil War like we all would love. What about the already Infinity Gauntlet story arc with Thanos we have yet to conclude? Unless of course they will drag this storyline past Avengers 3 which would be a pretty terrible idea.

But this would also match up with the tidbit a few months ago that West Coast Avengers may appear sooner then we think. But again since this sounds pretty hypothetical take with a grain of salt....

The Avengers 3 release date has yet-to-be announced

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