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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The FLASH, Things You Can’t Outrun Episode Review

Barry is definitely getting the hang of his powers.  Like the episodes prior, we start with a narration from Barry about how things are going and what we might expect from this episode.  Then, after a brief dialogue with Iris, we see Barry in full superhero mode save some police the trouble of having to capture an armed gunman in a car chase.  Very cool for sure.

Then we are introduced to the villain of the episode.  Aptly named “The Mist” (later, by Cisco) as he can turn himself into a poison mist, this villain starts the episode by killing a bunch of mobsters in a restaurant.  Good riddance…but why them?

Barry gets to investigate the scene of the crime after he and Joe West share a nice scene where they recommit to freeing Barry’s father.  At the scene of the crime Barry comes to the conclusion that the murder may have been done by a meta-human.  It’s kind of a leap right off the beat, but I guess one could say that he would make such a conclusion so fast due to his unique experience. 

So off to the lab it is – STAR labs that is – to consult with the team about what this meta-human could be capable of.  Joe asks a critical question which sets the group to talking about how they might be able to imprison these meta-humans.  This wasn’t a concern previously as the meta-humans ended up dead.  But genocide isn’t really an option.

The group decides that the best option might be to imprison these meta-humans there at STAR labs – down in the particle accelerator area.  This takes us to a view into the memories of the team which show us what exactly happened the night the particle accelerator exploded.  Caitlin has an especially bad memory as her fiancé, Ronny, had died that night.  Later on we find out that her fiancé died a hero though, so there’s some consolation.

Iris and Eddie have a run-in at Iris and Joe’s house which prompts them to have their first relationship fight it seems.  Eddie is tired of hiding their involvement and Iris doesn’t know what to say.

We then get the second victim of the meta-human – a woman trapped in an elevator.  Barry hears the call on the radio and rushes off to save the day.  But he’s too late and the woman is dead.  But the culprit is still nearby and Barry confronts him in a back hallway.  This turns out to be a bad idea and Barry almost gets killed before he can get back to STAR labs for help.

It's a Demon!  Kill it with holy water and enchanted knives!  Whoops...wrong show.

The group now knows what this guy is capable of and they have a sample of the gas which lets them find out what poison he is using.  This information leads them to the identity of the culprit – Kyle Nimbus.  Turns out he was executed on the night of the explosion.  And this information leads them to Nimbus’ next target: Joe West.

Barry finds out that Joe is visiting his father at Iron Heights prison and rushes to save the day.  Joe and Barry’s father have a nice conversation where they seem to make amends as Joe discloses he is working to free Henry.  But their conversation is cut short as Nimbus crashes the scene and attacks the defenseless Joe.  Thankfully, Caitlin created a vaccine against his toxin which helps to save Joes life.

Barry leaves to confront Nimbus outside the prison but is unable to affect him physically.  He then gets advice from the team which may help – try to outlast him because he can’t hold his gaseous state forever and will need rest.  Kind of similar to Barry I guess.

Barry ends up besting Nimbus and saves the day.  All in a day’s work I guess.  And in the end Joe is alright, Iris and Eddie confess their relationship to Joe, and Cisco and Caitlin have a moment together reminiscing about the heroism of Ronny.

If only he had his gun...

Then, at the end of the episode, we are greeted with a wonderful final scene involving Dr. Wells once again.  We see that during the crisis of the particle accelerator explosion, he went to his secret room (the futuristic one we saw at the end of the first episode) and watched as Barry was hit by the lightning through a camera in Barry’s lab.  It’s almost as if he planned the whole accident which created The Flash…

All of this lends more and more credence to the idea that Wells may be The Reverse-Flash.  Couple this with his statement earlier in the episode about how he feels like he had been “waiting centuries” for the activation of the particle accelerator and we have some compelling evidence for sure.  I’m looking forward to seeing what bigger role he plays and if he really is the Reverse-Flash or something else entirely.

Stay tuned for more next week!

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