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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sony Creating A Female Team-Up Movie In The 'Spider-Man' Universe?

Long before both Marvel and DC announced Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman were coming to the big screen the guys over at Sony had the beat on them when it comes to female lead movies. They announced several months back that a female-lead movie set within their Spider-Man universe was on the way. This lead many to assume it would eventually be announced that it would follow Black Cat (Presumably played by Felicia Hardy).

Well, today the guys over at Badass Digest revealed a small tidbit that Sony is considering doing a female team-up movie that will include Black Cat, Spider-Woman and Silver Sable with Silk and Firestarter possibly showing up. They also say the possible title of the film with be Glass Ceiling but mentions that will most likely be changed once the film debuts.

Again since this is nothing more then idea at Sony don't read into it to much but with them already making a villain team-up movie in Sinister Six a female team-up movie isn't to hard to grasp...The only real thing to take away from here is that now we know Spider-Woman is actually at Sony not Marvel as some suspected.

Untitled Female Spider-Man Universe Film Hits in 2017

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