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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gotham Episode 2 "Selina Kyle" Review

Episode two of “Gotham” suffers from the same problems that plagued the very first episode. The stodgy dialogue and the over the top performances really make this episode suffer. The biggest problem that this episode has is the role that Jada Pinkett Smith plays. Her entire character of Fish Mooney needs to be written out of the show completely. Not only does her character do nothing, she adds nothing to the narrative of the plot. Smith completely plays the character way over the top, and pedestrian. It is almost as if she is in a entirely different show, or has watched “Batman and Robin” too many times.

Another issue that this episode has was the overall plot in “Selina Kyle.” It was very strange, bizarre and creepy when you realize that the main villains in this episode are going to be kidnapping homeless children. Why were they being kidnapped? If some criminal mastermind was going to be kidnapping children on a television show, wouldn't it be smart to kidnap Bruce Wayne? Heir to the Wayne throne and a billionaire. But why homeless children? Nothing is really explained about this plot-hole abyss that is threaded throughout the entire second episode.

However, with that being said, you still need to hand it to Donal Logue as Bullock. He is getting better and better with each new episode, and the way he able to nail the character of Harvey Bullock is mind-bending, but in a good way. The Alfred and Bruce relationship is truly coming into its own as well. The mutual love and respect that the characters have in this series is fantastic. Alfred really is beginning to mentor Bruce and discipline him when needed.

The character of Oswald Copplepot that is played by Robin Lord Taylor is a real gem to this show. You simply cannot forget to talk about Penguin when you are discussing the show of “Gotham." Taylor is simply flawless, and where his character may end up at the end of the season is exciting to think about. Hopefully, the writers keep giving him good things to do and to say, because he is one of the great things that this show has to offer. Hopefully, as the season progresses audiences will get to see him rise to power in the Gotham underworld.

"Gotham" is still facing some growing pains, and there is need for improvement, but this show is still entertaining. 


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