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Friday, October 10, 2014

RUMOR: Is Brainiac the Main Villain in WB's 'Justice League' Movie?

Currently Batman v Superman screenwriter Chris Terrio is hard at work writing the screenplay for it's sequel Justice League. Justice League will bring together the gods of the DC universe in the first team-up film set within the Man of Steel universe. Well, El Mayimbe of Latino-Review has given us a brand new scoop regrading the villain! For the longest time it seemed that DC wanted to hit hard with their greatest DC villain Darkseid. But according to Latino-Review screenwriter Terrio has picked Brainiac!

This will be the first time Brainiac will be brought to life in live-action. He was suppose to debut in Tim Burtons Superman Lives before the film was abounded. Also apparently when Kal-el activated the Kryptionion ship in the Arctic that led Zod to earth it also alerted Brainiac.

What is interesting about this rumor is several months ago Badass Digest dropped a scoop that DC was indeed going to save Darkseid for Justice League 2 and not the first film in the supposed trilogy. Also, we can't dismiss that Moviepilot maniup of actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Braninc. Back a few months ago the website showed fan art showing the Sherlock actor as the all powerful Brainiac and when he was asked if he would be in a DC film the actor simply smiled and refused to answer the question.

Justice League is slated for 2017

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