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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Robert Downey Jr and Marvel Are Renegotiating Again For Future Marvel Films

Rumors and more rumors have been circulating as of late regarding Robert Downey Jr and his future at Marvel Studios. As many of you don't know after he completed Iron Man 3 his contract at Marvel was up and he had to re-negotiated terms to appear in The Avengers 2 (Age of Ultron) and The Avengers 3 but that was it. That lead many to speculate after Avengers 3 Marvel would simply introduce a new actor as Tony Stark even though we all associate Tony with Robert.

Well, today Robert Downey Jr was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she point blank asked him about Iron Man 4 once again. Now while Robert was extremely vague he does mention that he is re-negotiating once again with Marvel. Does this mean Iron Man 4 could be on the way? Of course but it could also mean he will appear as Tony Stark in any other Marvel film not just Iron Man.

Either way it will be interesting to see a report come out on what Marvel franchises we could see Tony Stark appear in. Iron Man is apart of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the most recent comics...if that's anything to go by. He may not even be looking to suit up as Iron Man in future films but simply to stay on as Tony Stark which is also a possibility.

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