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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Massive Concept Images Leak From 'Star Wars: Episode VII' including Darth Vaders Head

Tonight, a slew of production and conceptual images from Star Wars: Episode VII leak online onto a random ImageShack account. Now while these are not in HD and seem to be images-of-images it actually are refereed to the leaked plot points from a last week regarding Luke Skywalker. The images also include Daisy Ridley sketches, landscape drawings and light saber battles...and Darth Vaders severed burned head! Also, if you need more proof image #18 is actually a conceptual drawing of set photos that's already been released from the set...

:: Massive Spoilers Ahead ::

Grave Robber & Vader

Grave Robber & Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley

TIE Fighters

Pod Junker & Land Speeder

Pod Bike & Pod Falcon 

Millennium Falcon & Skellig Michael Set

AT-AT & Binary Sunset

Cybernetic & Knight Trooper

Wampa Saber

Greenham Hangar Set & Massassi Temple

Chewbacca & Darth Vaders Helmet

Daisy Ridley & Boyega Saber 

Abu Dharib Set & Outrider

Montross (Unused Character 1976)

Millennium Falcon Set Plans

Star Wars VII hits Winter 2015

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