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Monday, October 27, 2014

Episode 4 "Arkham" Gotham Review

Episode four shows that this young television show has some really great potential, and has some really wonderful things to offer audiences. Entitled “Arkham” this episode is not only the first time that this series shows that iconic structure, but it is also a metaphor for what this episode and television series is, and that is chaos. So many people can gather different meanings from this episode, but there is simply no question that this episode really shows how chaotic Gotham City is. The crazy killers, corrupt politicians, warring mob bosses and police officers unwilling and unable to help turn things around. "Arkham" truly is on point from the first frame until the end credits. It was a joy to see Oswald Cobblepot show up at Gordon's doorstep at the beginning of this episode. "Arkham" also offered up some fantastic writing, a great creepy villain and wonderful performances from everyone. Everyone across the board was fantastic in episode four, including the character of Fish Mooney played by Jada Pinkett Smith. It was interesting to see where her character might be going, and the end scene with her and those two singers was sexy. 

Again, Robin Lord Taylor is crushing it as Cobblepot, he stole the show in this episode. Everyone is giving him high praise, but what is so truly wonderful about his performance is that he is just showing a small sliver of the character who will eventually become the diabolical and aristocratic Penguin. Taylor is able to bring so many different layers and such depth to that great character, that you develop of a love/hate relationship for him.

“Arkham” has so many great things going on during the duration of this episode as well. This episode is able to show a struggle of two warring mob bosses, and is also able to introduce a creepy new villain who is killing councilmen with a strange device. However, those are just the basic surface level narrative points, the story is so well thought out and so well paced that you really are invested from beginning to end. Cobblepot has started his ascension to the top of the Gotham underbelly, and it seems like we are in for one wild ride, because Cobblepot takes no prisoners, and is willing to start from n
othing to get to get his way to the top.

The interesting subplot of the two warring mob bosses over Arkham Asylum was a nice added touch as well. That plot device should continue to be explored throughout this series, as you can see how it effects young Bruce Wayne too. It also showed that the creators and producers of this show are going to take everything from the world of Batman and use it in this show, and nothing is off limits. 

As long as "Gotham" keeps up with episodes like this, you will have audiences engaged for many more seasons to come.


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