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Thursday, October 23, 2014

CONFIRMED: DC Comics Is Creating A DC Cinematic Multi-Verse with Film & TV!

The question of this day in age in comic film or TV adaptions is are they all connected? Marvel has done it first literally connecting their movies with television and soon netflix shows like Daredevil all into one massive shared universe. So the question remained will DC do the same thing? This is something that has plagued DC fans since Arrow lit up the small screen on The CW. Will Stephen Amell's Arrow ever meet up with Henry Cavill's Superman? Well at this past year's Comic-Con it seemed DC head Geoff Johns put that theory to rest that Arrow & it's spin-off show The Flash are in a separate universe than Henry Cavill and Ben Afflecks Batman & Superman. But was he lying? He was and he wasn't.

Today, Geoff Johns spoke with BuzzFeed to confirm that DC is trying to actual create a cinematic multiverse!
“We look at it as the multiverse. We have our TV universe and our film universe, but they all co-exist. For us, creatively, it’s about allowing everyone to make the best possible product, to tell the best story, to do the best world. Everyone has a vision and you really want to let the visions shine through. I think the characters are iconic enough. I like [Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.] a lot. I love what Marvel does. I’m a huge fan. It’s just a different approach.”
Now for some of you who don't know DC had a multiverse with multiple "earths". That means one superhero may live their whole life in one universe and have a slightly different version on the second earth. Or one superhero maybe one person on Earth-1 but on Earth-2 the mantle is taken up by someone else like Jay Garrick & Barry Allen both being The Flash. And The Flash is the one who first learns of the multiverse....Which is also teased at the end of The Flash pilot episode.

Now if DC can actually pull off doing a multiverse that means while the TV & Film universe are connected they are separate at the same time. What ever happens on film won't dictate what happens on TV and vice-versa. So the writers still have creative freedom and aren't held down by each others contradicting storylines. That is until DC finally pulls out their wild card and does a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie which will have all the universes collide into one another.  But this type of massive movie is obviously far down the line for DC...

So  as far as we know we have the Man of Steel Universe, the Arrow-Verse and last week Sandman creator Neil Gaiman mentions DC has yet to announce a slate of Vertigo Universe movies that are coming out like Sandman or Justice League: Dark which would give us a third universe. It's unknown where Gotham, Constantine, Lucifer, Teen Titans, Supergirl, or Static Shock fit within these universes or others.

Lastly, he adds that maybe one day they will have a crossover but not anytime soon...
"There’s been discussions over the years for both, obviously. You never say never. Maybe one day we’ll link a show to a film if it makes sense, but the creative process we’re going through right now is to let the stuff live and breathe and be its own thing and own it."

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