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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Chronicle' Screenwriter Max Landis Unveils His 436-Page 'Super Mario' Script

Today, Max Landis the man who wrote the fan favorite POV-film Chronicle has unveiled a 436 page screenplay for Super Mario Brothers. (via Now before you think this is for an upcoming reboot of the Nintendo charact3ers after the disaster that was the 90's version starring John's not. Landis wrote this script back when he was 19 before he knew how to actually write a screenplay properly and professionally. For one he name drops almost every character that has ever appeared in a Mario game just because. But if you like to read his treatment it is below for you're viewing pleasure. Oh, and if this movie ever did become a movie it would be around 7 hours long! (1 page of a script = 1 minute of screen time)

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