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Monday, October 27, 2014

British Actress Cara Delevingne Up For 'Harley Quinn' in DC's 'Suicide Squad'?

It was previously report that Margot Robbie was up for an unspecific role in DC's upcoming super villain team-up Suicide Squad. It lead many to assume she maybe playing fan-favorite member of the team Harley Quinn even though the character wasn't in the original leaked script. Now since Fury director David Ayer has taken over it has been revealed he will be making rewrites on the film and might possibly add Harley Quinn into the story. That being said Latino-Review has heard British actress & supermodel  Cara Delevingne is up for an unspecific role in the film....and if you look at her Instagram from a few weeks ago she posts an image of Harley Quinn! So did Margot Robbie pass on Harley Quinn or could she be another female super villain like Killer Frost or Vixen?!

DC Comics could be waiting until every cast member has been signed before revealing the line-up online...

Suicide Squad hits Summer 2016

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