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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gotham "Balloonman" Review

When watching episode three of “Gotham” you really get the sense that this show is really figuring out the overall identity and flavor that this show has to offer. Episode three titled “Ballonman” is the turning point for this show and its first season. Not only is “Gotham” delivering on some really good and interesting material, but it is eliminating a majority of the bad from the first two episodes.
Episode three sees limited screen-time from the character of Fish Mooney played by Jada Pinkett Smith. Her character has been the biggest issue throughout the first few episodes of this new series, and the way that Smith plays her is rather pedestrian. It is a nice change of pace to see her rarely in this episode. It not only serves the overall plot of the series, but to see her limited to a tertiary character does wonderful service to the overall plot of “Gotham.”However, we still do not know what her character is doing in Gotham City and what she plans on doing to rise through the ranks in the Gotham underworld.

Robin Lord Taylor is magnificent. There is no question he knows exactly what he wants his character to do in the show, and his ability to just inhabit that role of Oswald Cobblepot is fascinating. Not only is Taylor amazing, the way that he is written so far in only these three episodes really make him shine, as he is such a complicated character, you sort of love to hate Cobblepot. But, with that being said you really do enjoy where the character is going, you can the care that the creative team has in creating a really menacing character and it pure joy to watch Taylor give such a layered performance.

There were a few bizarre moments in this episode, especially with the inclusion of the new villain of Ballonman. That character and how is was slowly taken down the corrupt politicians in Gotham was creepy. To handcuff a corrupt politician to a balloon cart and watch them float into the atmosphere was a head scratcher for sure.

Bullock and Gordon really play it up nicely in this episode as well, you really get the sense that these two people really enjoy solving crimes, even if they may not get a long to solve it together. They each have each others back no matter what. It is truly refreshing to see these two amazing actors act along side each and they are able to make some really compelling television.


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