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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Robin' Easter Egg Seen in Recent 'Batman v Superman' Set Photo?

The rumor that Robin/Nightwing appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been around since late 2013 without ever being officially "debunked". No, not the Justin Beiber punking the internet rumor but the rumor started by Latino-Review that Nightwing will have a falling out with The Dark Knight. And will not have spoken in years. Well, a fan in Detroit has posted an image from the set of Batman v Superman which shows a graffiti marking that says "Batman & Robin"
It's entirety possible that this will be used in the film as a reference to the dynamic duo no longer being together but the people of Gotham haven't forgotten....But until we get some more confirmation we need to take with a grain of salt at this point in time.

Lest we forget that this exact same thing happen during the filming of The Dark Knight Rises when a fan on purpose made a "R" sign that looked exactly like a Robin logo....and we know what happened then. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Hits March 2016

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