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Thursday, August 28, 2014

RUMOR: Scoot McNairy Playing A Paraplegic Jimmy Olsen in 'Batman v Superman'?!

Last week set photos were revealed showcasing actor Scoot McNairy with what seems to be green screen'd legs used for CGI in post production on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many jumped to the conclusions that he was the long rumored Justice Leaguer The Flash and that his legs were going to be CG'd to show his fast running ability. This was odd considering both Quicksilvers in Days of Future Past and The Avengers: Age of Ultron never used something like this on their actors lightning showcasing fast running. Then Scoot McNairy revealed that he hopes to be apart of the DC Cinematic Universe for a very long time.

Now an unknown website by the name of The Devil Eyes has reportedly gotten the scoop from an extra on set that Scoot McNariy is actually playing a crippled Jimmy Olsen:
"Scoot is playing Jimmy Olsen, but with a bit of a twist. Jimmy was injured during the battle of Zod vs Superman. His legs where pinned under falling building rubble and that caused him to lose the legs. He now walks with the use of two prosthetic legs. [But] He doesn't blame Superman for it [his loss of legs]. He feels grateful that Superman saved the world."
Now given that this site has never posted scoops before chalk this up as a rumor. But it seems like a very plausible rumor. Also, some of you may remember that Jenny Olsen (Unknown if she is related to Jimmy) was already an intern of The Daily Planet in Man of Steel.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits March 2016

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