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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rachael Leigh Cook Explains How She Was Almost 'Rogue' in Bryan Singers 'X-Men'

Back in the 90's no one would have guessed an X-Men live action movie would ever exist. Then along came Bryan Singer and his X-Men starring unknown actor Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and his unlikely encounter and relationship with Rogue played by Anna Paquin. Well apparently she was not the original actress looked at for the role. Actress Rachael Leigh Cook explains why she turned down the role back in the day on The Movie Crypt podcast. She first talks about turning down the role  
“That was incredibly stupid. They wanted a six month commitment, at least just in terms of availability and shooting. I was up to my neck in the indie world banging out four movies a year at that point.”
 She then goes onto reveal how she thought the movie was going to be a disaster because a superhero movie this epic was never yet seen on screen:
“They were saying ‘we don’t have a lot of money to make this’ and as I was reading the script it was like the most epic superhero everything. I tried to picture that getting made for not a lot of money and thought this was a disaster.” 
 Of course the role eventually went to Anna Paquin and the rest is history. Fans of the character of course never really liked the Rogue that was portrayed on screen compared to the cartoon or comics but it's the one we got 14 years ago.

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