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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

'Mr. Freeze' and 'Sal Maroni' Are Headed To 'Gotham'

Several months ago Gotham director Danny Cannon had an off handed comment that he would love to see Mr. Freeze come to the Gotham TV Series. Well, Digital Spy caught with Cannon again at the San Diego Comic-Con to talk Mr. Freeze. The TV director goes onto reveal that he has a reality based origin story for Mr. Freeze that would fit into this grounded universe and villains:
"My first conversation with [showrunner] Bruno Heller about the villains in this show is always that they need to be very credible and relatable and the science behind them needs to be real," he says. "So I had a couple of stories that I'd held onto -- real, true stories -- and one of them just related to Mr Freeze. I know a real way to create an origin story."
Now the Gotham Twitter account has all but confirmed that we will indeed see Mr. Freeze in  the upcoming TV Series at some point!

In other news Deadline is reporting that David Zayas (Dexter) has been cast as the crime boss Sal Maroni in Gotham. Maroni is in a constant gang war with the Carmine Falcone crime family.

Lastly, a new extended TV Spot for Gotham hints yet again at the clown prince of crime The Joker!

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