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Monday, August 4, 2014

Kevin Feige Likens Thanos To The Emperor From Star Wars.

We first got a tease of the mad titan in Marvel Studios' jaggernaut, The Avengers back in 2012 and he was featured more prominently in Guardians Of The Galaxy, played by Josh Brolin. Speaking to Slashfilm, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige talked a bit about Thanos, describing as what the Emperor was to Star Wars, is what Thanos is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The idea [of this portrayal] was to be basically just another step forward based on what we saw in Avengers. In Avengers we saw the back of his throne and the turn toward camera, three-quarter smirk. We wanted Ronan to be the bad guy [in GotG]. We wanted to focus on the creation of the Guardians team itself, so didn’t want to spend too much time with Thanos.
But we wanted to showcase that there’s a guy behind the guy behind the guy. The Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back, [behind] Darth Vader. So we wanted to see a little bit more of him, a little bit of attitude. See him, and hear him for the first time. And just to get — which is one of my favorite shots in the whole movie — him leaning back on his throne and smirking, which he does on every cover of every Thanos comic book, which is cool.

Obviously Thanos has bigger plans for the universe and only one team can stop him. We obviously know that the GOTG will meet the Avengers at some point. When exactly that happens, remains to be seen but for now everything leading up to that point is pure specualtion. What do you guys think?

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