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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ARROW Producer Andrew Kreisberg on the Future of HARLEY QUINN

On the last season of The CW's Arrow, a brief cameo appearance by Harley Quinn, the jokers lovestruck helper, made waves. Played pitch perfect by Cassidy Alexa, with the voice provided by Tara Strong, speculation and hype ran rampant. Would Arrow connect with Batman lore? Would Harley appear in the Suicide Squad? 

You should hold your forces, folks, because it looks like Warner Brothers might have other plans for her. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Arrow producer Andrew Kreisburg was uncertain about her future.
"I don't know if we'll see Harley again. There are very few things we've asked DC Comics for that we haven't gotten. That was something you asked for, and what you saw is a compromise that that Geoff Johns and I came up with. To even get that much was a thrill for us. I know that they may have other plans for her, but it was certainly and Easter egg that thrilled us. But the Suicide Squad will definitely be back. Whether we see the 'deranged female killer' we saw before, we'll have to wait and see."
Those other plans are shrouded in mystery. A Suicide Squad movie could happen, and an appearance by Harley in a solo Batman movie could absolutely happen, but with the next Batman flick including Superman and members of the Justice League,  a smaller scale villain like Harley might be out of place. Still, with her ever growing popularity, Harley Quinn will undoubtedly appear on the big screen soon.

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