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Thursday, July 17, 2014

William Fichtner is NOT Shredder in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

Today, director Jonathan Liebesman sat down to talk to Coming (via Superhero! Hype) about his upcoming movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This movie has gotten much heat from die-hard 90's fans since the original reboot script leaked a few years ago. Again it has since been re-written but not many fans are convinced. In the interview Liebesman reveals how each turtle are very much teenagers and are very much into pizza. He also reveals how each turtles has their own personalty. Take Donnatello for instance:
“I think he’s just your typical teenager, Well, maybe not typical. But he’s still a massive geek who lives in his basement and has the most powerful internet connection in all of New York City. You can’t tell in what you saw, but he has these Nintendo keypads that he’s rigged into this little miniature holographic thing. He’s totally geeked out and invented his own equipment. In my head, he’s got these solar powered sort of ninja outfit. It’s solar powered so it can power all the gear on his back. He has a whole bunch of stuff.”
He then drops the bombshell that William Fichtner is in fact not Shredder after-all!
“William Fichtner isn’t Shredder. [Fichtner] is Eric Sachs. Shredder is played by another actor. He’s not all CG. You see him without his armor on. When he’s in the armor, there’s an actor, but he’s been augmented. Like in ‘Iron Man,’ it’s CGI.”

 Now you maybe thinking that he simply meant that another actor stands in for Fichtner while in the CGI armor. That may be the case but if you notice in the newest trailer Eric Sachs (Fichtner) is speaking to a shady character about the Shredder suit he is going to take from the Foot clan. 

This should put many fans minds to ease given they were pissed off that the origin of Shredder might have been totally rewritten from the Oroku Saki storyline. Read the full interview over at Superhero Hype....

A brand new clip from the film also debuted tonight showing the snow chase!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits August 8th

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