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Saturday, July 26, 2014


The trailer for the film has already been rated with Alberta Film Ratings, so the it should be appearing online anytime soon. My guess it will debut next week with marvel's up coming film, Guardians Of The Galaxy. However, if that's too long of a wait for all you Middle Earth fans, SlashFilm have given a brief description of the footage that was screened. Check it out below!
I’ll remember everything that happened. Those who survived, those who didn’t.” There’s footage of Smaug blowing fire on Laketown, a decimated city, soldeirs and huge armies walking. Then, finally, Billy Boyd’s song from Return of the King hits, setting a somber, down tone. It promises the defining chapter of the Middle Earth trilogy as we see footage of a chase scene on ice. Flashes of Sauron. Then Bard asks Thorin, “Will you have peace or war?” He responds “I will have war!” A few more epic shots before everything gets quiet. Thorin “Will you follow me one last time?” Title card. 
Not much was revealed here but with the teaser dropping soon. We should get our first look at the film as soon as possible.

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