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Saturday, July 26, 2014

SDCC'14: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Footage Description

Whilst there were no announcements apart from the release date of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Marvel did show some footage from Ant-Man and to top things off, they showed a sizzle reel for Avengers: Age of Ultron. SlashFilm have provided a detailed description of what was shown in Hall-H. Feast your eyes down below..
We start on a city scape and the whole team is assembled in Avengers tower. They’re all hanging out. Drinking beer, joking, and Stark tells Thor the whole no one can grab the hammer thins is a circus side show. Stark tries to pick it up. “If I get it can I rule Asgard” he asks. Yes, Thor says. He fails on a first attempt. “I’ll be right back.” He puts on the Iron Man glove. No dice. He and Rhodie try. Nope. Hawkeye fails. Banner tries and really exerts himself. Everyone gives him a look. Next up is Cap and he budges it which really gets Thor worried. He says, “Well, this tells me one thing. None of you are worthy.”  Just then a huge screeching sound. “You’re all not worthy.” Enter a brutally broken, almost zombie like being. It’s Ultron. “How could you be worth you are all killers. You want to protect the world but you don’ want it to change. Theres only one path to peace.. your extinction.” Just then a bunch of other robot fly in and we get the Marvel Studios logo. 

Ultron continues in voice over with a bunch of other images. “I had a vision the whole world screaming for mercy.” People running away, escaping, everyone tangled in strings, Banner all sickly looking. Epic war scenes, Hawkeye and others helping people evacuate. Banner in the snow, then a random hospital, Scarlet Witch on a bus, Thor smashing a tank. Then Tony Stark “It’s the end,” he says. “The end of the path I started us on. Nothing lasts forever.” We then see a screaming Hulk and the massive Hulk Buster armor. Scarlet Witch on the Harley Davidson, Quicksilver running around, Andy Serkis as a human (!?!), more explosions, Iron Man flying by what looks like a prison. Hulk throws a car at the Hulkbuster and then punches him through it. A quick shot of Widow and Hulk touching hands.

The whole time, a song has been playing about strings. Finally, we get a fully realized, metallic, 8 foot Ultron. “There are no strings on me.” The title card.

That does indeed sound awesome! It definately sounds a lot more darker than its predecessor. Joss had said he was looking at films like the God Father-Part II as inspiration when he was writing Avengers: Age Of Ultron. So it'll be interesting to see how well it turns out. What do you guys think?

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