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Friday, July 25, 2014

SDCC 14: Benedict Cumberbatch Cracks A Joke About The 'Doctor Strange' Rumors

Benedict Cumberbatch has been the top of Marvel's and fans list to play the Sorcerer Supreme in an upcoming Doctor Strange film. Well, news came out that Benedict Cumberbatch would be attending his very first Comic-Con this weekend and it seemed that the stars have aligned for an official announcement by Marvel. Now while at the Penguins of Madagascar panel he shoots down these rumors unfortunately...because he has a stage performance of Hamlet in London from between August 2014 through October 2015 and has no time to film a feature film. But here when asked if he would play any Comic Book hero what would it be he cracks a joke about Doctor Strange:

:: Starts at 13:00 ::

This really doesn't mean anything until we hear some type of casting possibly tomorrow at the Marvel panel. Because how many actors have denied roles they are up for in the past? I mean Cumberbatch himself already denied being Khan in Star Trek into Darkness and look what happened.

We shall see tomorrow...

Doctor Strange is rumored to hit in 2016

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