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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kevin Feige Teases The Return of Red Skull & The Real Mandarin

Many Marvel fans were quite upset over The Mandarin reveal in Iron Man 3. It turns out that Ben Kingsly's Mandarin character is nothing more then a parody of the character named Trevor Slattery. Then Marvel went ahead and created a short film starring Trevor Slattery in which they revealed that Trevor and Aldrich Killan stole the name of "The Mandarin" from the "real real" Mandarin. Well IGN caught up with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere where he talked about the big Iron Man 3 reveal and the subsequent short All Hail The King:
"There have been [talks]. That's one of the reasons we wanted to do the fun short that Drew Pearce wrote and directed. That was to clarify, 'Hey, just because we did this thing doesn't mean this other thing doesn't exist.' And as we were making Iron Man 3 -- and I think Drew's spoken about this -- that was always our intention, was that Aldrich Killian was perverting the notion of these things he's heard."
He went onto tease The Ten Rings and the real real Mandarin still being out there:
"There's a little bit of that when he's doing his detective work in his lab after Happy's been injured outside the Chinese Theater. He's talking about, 'Okay, the Mandarin is taken from various iconographies and mythologies from across the world.' The idea was always there was somebody like this. There had been rumors of somebody like this, and Aldrich Killian just built on that, to make his version."
 He then went onto to tease about The Red Skull's "fate" in Captain America: The First Avenger as being used in a way to even bring him back if they so chose:
 "Well, the way we showed his 'demise' in The First Avenger was to showcase to people that he could perhaps pop up again sometime. I honestly don't know when or where that would be."
While many know that Hugo Weaving has gone on record saying he doesn't want to return to the role anytime soon many comic fans know that Red Skull has appeared in many ways in the present day comics!

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