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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Talks Edgar Wright's 'Creative Difference' on 'Ant-Man'

Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige was recently seen at the Singapore red carpet for Marvel's next outing Guardians of the Galaxy. At which The Guardian caught up with the producer to once again talk about the departure of Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) from Marvel's Ant-Man out next summer. According to the director when they put out the press release citing 'creative differences'. It really was the creative difference from Wright's Ant-Man vision from back 8 years which just simply couldn't fit into the current fleshed out Marvel Cinematic Universe:
"We sat round a table and we realised it was not working. A part of me wishes we could have figured that out in the eight years we were working on it. But better for us and for Edgar that we figure it out then, and not move it through production. We said let's do this together and put out a statement. What do we say? 'Creative differences'. I said: 'That's what they always say and no-one ever believes it.' Edgar said: 'But in this case it's true … ' The Marvel movies are very collaborative, and I think they are more collaborative than what he had been used to. And I totally respect that. [But] the notion that Marvel was scared, the vision was too good, too far out for Marvel is not true. And I don't want to talk too much about that because I think our movies speak to that. Go look at Iron Man 3; go look at The Winter Soldier; go see Guardians of the Galaxy later this month. It would have to be really out there to be too out there for us."
He then goes onto say no the rumor that Disney put their hand into the Marvel creative jar is simply not true. He then goes onto praise director Peyton Reed  and his vision on next years Ant-Man:
"Peyton is going to do a tremendous job and the cast is tremendously dedicated and the script is getting into amazing shape. You wouldn't expect a producer to say anything different, but when that movie comes out it will be the absolute best version of Ant-Man that could have existed."
 He lastly simply mentions he is upset because he and Edgar Wright had a great relationship while working on Ant-Man:
"The biggest disappointment for me is just the relationship, because I like Edgar very, very much and we were very close for many many years. But the perception that the big evil studio was too scared at the outside-the-box creative vision is just not the case."
 Ant-Man hits next Summer

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