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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Star John Boyega Campaigning For a Marvel Role!

John Boyega is one of the few great rising stars on film to date. He broke onto the scene in the 2011 cult favorite Attack the Block. Has since been seen on the latest season of 24 as well as being cast as the lead JJ Abrams upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. But it seems Boyega is looking to play another role across the pond at Disney with Marvel Studios! He has recently taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on Sam Wilson becoming the new Captain America in comics as well as his excitement for Marvel's next big movie Guardians of the Galaxy:
He then jokes about aiming for a Marvel Studios role sometime in the future:

Now of course the first though that comes to mind is Black Panther but it seems Marvel may want someone slightly older looking actor for that role. Chadwick Bosemen from the movie 42 is currently looking like the front runner to play the King of Wakanda:

Now another good role that John Boyega looks exactly like would be The Patriot from the Young Avengers! Now Marvel has never announced any type of Young Avengers movie daption obviously but hey it looks like Boyega has at least read the Marvel: Civil War comic which has Partiot play a pretty large role in it:

Now with 6 untitled Marvel films being released until 2019 Marvel still can use Drew Pearce's (Iron Man 3) highly praised Runaways screenplay he wrote back in 2010 in a movie. Now while a Netflix mini-series might be more suited for The Runaways a movie could also still happen. I think that John Boyega would make a magnificent Alex Wilder based on his Attack the Block role as Moses. Last year I even wrote a fan casting editorial suggesting Boyega as Alex Wilder!
But this is all simply fan choices. There is no indication Marvel is even looking at Boyega for a potential role...but working on Star Wars at Disney at least still gives him an "in" if Marvel wants!

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