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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RUMOR: Has Gwendoline Christie's & John Boyega's Secret 'Star Wars' Roles Been Revealed?!

Badass Digest has released several scoops over the past several days regarding the ultra-top secret movie titled Star Wars: Episode VII. The scoops reveal some possible minor plot spoilers and character descriptions but they kept it vague enough on the plot points to not spoil to much. According to their sources the lead star John Boyega will not be playing a child of the main three characters Luke Skywalker, Han or Leia Solo. He is actually playing a "rouge" Storm Trooper living in isolation of finds an ancient light saber and goes on a mission with Daisy Ridley's character to seak out Luke Skywalker himself who hasn't spoken to Han and Chewie in over 30 years. Of course this would be a direct contradiction from Star Wars: Attack of the Clone where all the Clones/Storm Troopers are based of Jango Fett's DNA.

Now they go onto speak about Breanne of Tarth herself Gwendoline Christie character. According to them she is playing an Imperial Officer that is sent to hunt down John Boyega for deserting the Empire. They even go onto speculate that original this character was going to go to Benedict Cumberbatch but instead had a gender swap and given to Gwendoline Christie.

The possible reason Cumberbatch couldn't commit to Star Wars is cause he may possibly be up for a little Marvel movie called Doctor Strange! Cumberbatch is expected to make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this week...

Again this is all a rumor so take with a grain of salt until proven otherwise...

Star Wars: Episode VII hits December 2015

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