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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dwayne Johnson Teases 'Shazam' Role?! Denies Being 'Green Lantern'

During the press tours for his upcoming film Hercules actor Dwayne Johnson was once again grilled on his super mysterious DC Comics role that he has mentioned over the years but picked up steam late last November. While speaking with Total Film the actor tried to play coy on what exact character he is playing but mentions "He has the power of Superman....Just say the word" which would lead many to assume he is talking about Shazam! He does only confirm he is not John Stewart/Green Lantern but admits that DC considered that at one point:

The reason many think he is Shazam (Since he isn't Green Lantern unfortunately) is completely based on his charisma in the ring as The Rock or even in his more comedic roles. That if you look at his "good baggage" he brings to a role you can totally see him as a kid stuck in a superhero's body like Billy Batson and Shazam!

Now a few days before this interview CCO of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns goes on record from the TCA's 2014 DC Panel stating that one of next movies he would like to see is a Shazam movie! And based on Nikki Finkies scoop from last month Shazam is one of the movies slated to be released in July 2016. But this has yet to be confirmed or announced by DC or Warner Brothers....maybe all will finally be revealed at Hall H this Saturday including The Rock's role?!

With Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman and Jason Momoa as only seems logical to add Dwayne Johnson into this massive superhero "Expendables" movie right?

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