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Thursday, July 10, 2014

20 Secret Items and Cameos Cut From 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

Today our friends over at X-Men Films posted 20 items that were cut from both the final movie as well as the script for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Including Jubilee, Juggernaut ad the original end credit sequence with Apocalypse.
1. Storm flies the X-Jet while Xavier uses his on-board mobile version of Cerebro to search for Kitty and Bobby.

2. When the future X-Men arrive to greet Kitty and Bobby, they encounter a new group of mutants which includes Blink (pictured above). Magneto uses his powers to threaten this group with nearby metal weapons, which leads to Blink holding her weapon to Magneto’s throat.

3. Bishop is the only one to really question the effects of changing the past. He expresses concern of their current history being negatively impacted, saying that some of them may not even exist in the altered timeline. Bishop warns Logan that he’ll carry the burden of retaining his memories when he wakes up in the new timeline. Logan easily shrugs it off.

4. When Mystique is helping the mutant army recruits escape the base in Saigon, Havok is hit with a taser and captured by Trask and Stryker’s people. Later in his own sequence, Havok is seen running from a Sentinel during a weapons test. Mystique later finds out that he died via an autopsy report.

5. While imprisoned under The Pentagon, a thick bearded Erik taunts a guard who ate some fish earlier. He tells the guard that he senses trace amounts of iron from the meal and makes his stomach rumble uncontrollably.

6. Charles, Beast and Logan recruit an 18 year old Juggernaut to break Erik out of prison. Diving from the X-jet, Juggernaut plows through the multiple ground levels. Logan jumps in directly after him and breaks all of his bones on impact.

7. Raven goes to the X-mansion to confront Charles, Beast and Logan about why Magneto is trying to kill her. In a later scene reminiscing a “First Class” moment, Hank tells Raven that she can take his serum to get rid of her mutation. She disagrees and tells Hank that maybe they could be together if he would accept their mutation.

8. Mutants around the world are being rounded up after the Mystique, Magneto and Beast are caught on camera.

9. Rogue goes airborne when Magneto grabs hold of her and levitates them out of the X-mansion.

10. Raven chooses a different path and decides to join Charles and Hank. Magneto says the government will eventually find them and attack. Charles reiterates a slightly modified line from the original trilogy, saying: “I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that house looking for trouble.”

11. Jubilee was meant to appear as part of the future mutant team in a limited role. She has action pieces similar to Sunspot in the first act, though she dies in the third by being blasted off the wall.

12. Before Quicksilver’s epic scene, there was Juggernaut. He’s written as an 18 year old football player, a former student of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

13. Future Xavier helps his past self to look into his own mind, sharing a kind memory between himself and Raven as kids, playing in the garden.

14. Iceman suggests to Professor Xavier and Magneto that they rescue Rogue from a militarized-Xavier mansion, guarded by Sentinels. Xavier believes she’s dead because he hasn’t been able to reach her mind, but Bobby believes it’s because she’s inside Cerebro, being experimented on in a location where Xavier’s mind can’t pierce.

15. Storm watches after Kitty and Logan once Xavier, Magneto and Iceman leave to find Rogue. Both Storm…and especially Bishop have lots more dialogue in the screenplay, when compared to the final film.

16. Mystique doesn’t want to be found, so, disguised as Charles, she breaks into Cerebro and destroys its mainframe and helmet.

17. Rogue’s quick scene with Bobby at the end remains the same, though it’s questioned if she should have her white hair stripe or not.

18. An older Beast and Mystique are seen teaching a Biology class in the altered future timeline.

19. Kitty and Colossus are seen walking and holding hands in the altered future timeline, hinting at their relationship in the comics.

20. The original end credits had Apocalypse falling out of the night’s sky and combining himself with Erik.
X-Men: Days of Future Past hits DVD & Blu-Ray later this year

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