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Monday, June 16, 2014

'The Flash' Cameo in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Revealed?!

Today, our friends over at The Daily Superhero dropped a scoop on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice regarding that elusive Flash cameo. If some of you don't know back late last year Variety confirmed that The Flash will make some sort of appearance in the (then titled) Batman vs Superman movie in 2016.

(Not Actual Footage; Photoshopped Rendering)

Now according to The Daily Superhero the cameo has indeed already been filmed. The scene will consist of a convenience store robbery and via "security camera" footage we will see a gust of wind take down the robbers. Now if some of you are asking if that's simply Superman (played by Henry Cavill) using his own Super-Speed The Daily Superhero confirmed that he was specifically told it's The Flash.

A convenience store robbery scene was already confirmed back in May by the guys over at Batman-News but the specifics on the scene weren't known until today. The shoot took place May 29th at the Lakepoint Market in Keego Harbor, Michigan. (Pictured Above)

This type of scene is perfect given that casting may not be completed for his actual appearance in the Justice League or The Flash/Green Lantern team-up (still unconfirmed). Given this entire scene can be done with stand-in actors and mostly CGI.

It is unknown if Grant Gustin will crossover from the upcoming Flash TV Series on The CW to the Justice League but it's highly unlikely. The Flash has yet to be cast...

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits May 2016

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