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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CineEurope 14: 'Star Trek 3' 'Transformers 5' and 'G.I.Joe 3' Will Hit in 2016!

Today Paramount Pictures International SVP Edward Ryan came on stage at this years CineEurope 2014 to talk about Paramounts plan for their massive franchises. These franchises includes sci-fi favorites like Star Trek and Transformers. Or even Mission Impossible, Terminator and G.I.Joe.

First they announced that next year in 2015 we will see the upcoming Terminator semi-reboot Terminator: Genesis as well as Mission Impossible 5.

They then went onto to talk about their future plans in 2016 and announced that G.I.Joe 3, Transformers 5 and Star Trek 3 are all slated to hit in 2016!

This comes off word several months ago that Paramount was considering releasing the next installment in the Transformers saga in 2017. This was never confirmed but did make the most sense. We then got word that Transformers 5 is all dependent on how well Transformers: Age of Extinction will do. It seems they have massive faith in the sequel-trilogy to continue it only two years after Age of Extinction.

It has long been suggested that Star Trek 3 will be aiming for the 50th Anniversary of the original series in 2016 so it's nice to see a confirmation. This comes off word last month that Roberto Orci will be taking a crack at his first directors chair after JJ Abrams left to work on Star Wars VII.

Lastly, it has been announced that the sequel to G.I.Joe: Retalition will hit in 2016 as well! It's unknown if The Rock or director Jon M. Chu will return for G.I.Joe 3 but currently Jon M. Chu left Masters of the Universe for Jem & the Holograms.

Don't tell me a G.I.Joe/Transformers crossover wouldn't be cool though?!

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