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Monday, June 2, 2014

RUMOR: Robert Pattinson Up For Lead in 'Indiana Jones' Reboot?

Is nothing sacred? Last we heard about Indiana Jones was that the character rights didn't actually come over when Disney bought out Lucasfilm and Star Wars. But several months later it was indeed revealed that Disney did a smaller separate deal to acquire rights to the Indiana Jones franchise. We had also heard mumbles that Harrison Ford had demanded another Indiana Jones movie be in his contract when he signed up to play Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII but this rumor has never been confirmed or denied.

Now the guys over at The Sun (via MTV Uk) claim that have an inside scoop on the status of the Indiana Jones franchise. It seems that Disney is looking to reboot the franchise from scratch with a young actor to take over the role of Indy. They even have a shortlist of actors they want in the lead which includes the obvious names like Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Kellen Lutz and non other than Twilight heartthrob himself Robert Pattinson at the top of their list! They are also looking to do back-to-back films which means they need an actor that can do a "three-year commitment" at the very least.

Now I'd like to remind you that this is coming from The Sun and not a trade website like normally so take with a grain of salt until further notice. But the fact Disney went out of there way in a separate deal to acquire Indiana Jones rights means they intend to use him in a feature film at some point.

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