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Friday, June 20, 2014

RUMOR: Jason Bourne Teaming Up With Aaron Cross in 'Bourne 5' this 2016?

Several days ago many studios had presentations at this years CineEurope. Universal unveiled that the sequel to The Bourne Legacy currently simply titled Bourne 5 has been delayed from August 14th, 2015 to July 15th, 2016. Not many fans were really upset over this given that the last Bourne film wasn't really a "Bourne" film. It starred Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross with no Jason Bourne in sight. Now ever since The Bourne Ultimatum had ended the rumor has been around that Matt Damon would return but it always was responded with a firm no by Matt Damon himself. That he wouldn't return without director Paul Greengrass.

 Now the guys over at Latino-Review have dropped a scoop that the reason for the delay is actually because new director Justin Lin (Fast 5) someone convinced Matt Damon to return as Jason Bourne for Bourne 5!
According to a deeply embedded trusted source, the reason Bourne 5 got pushed to July 15, 2016 is because Matt Damon is in fact back to play his signature role as Jason Bourne for director Justin Lin!
The question still remains will this be a Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross team-up. Why? Because even films that are set in reality we still need a crossover for some reason! This is still a rumor until further notice....

:: UPDATE :: - The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to longtime producer Frank Marshall who has since debunked the scoop stating its "Simply not true" 
Bourne 5 hits in 2016

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