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Monday, June 16, 2014

Kevin Smith Confirms DC Cinematic Universe Titles Line-Up

Several days ago legendary entertainment reporter Nikki Finkie dropped her very first scoop of a life-time after departing from Deadline. It included the line-up release dates and titles of all the DC Cinematic Universe movies starting from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 all the way through to 2018.
"Shazam (July 2016), Sandman (Christmas 2016), Justice League (May 2017), Wonder Woman (July 2017), Flash/Green Lantern team-up (Christmas 2017), and Man of Steel 2 (May 2018)."
Now while on the recent SModcast Hollywood Babble-On podcast  Kevin Smith actually goes onto admit he has known about the DC line-up for a while but wasn't allowed to say anything! If some of you are questioning Kevin Smith and his information. Now he also does confirm the titles he doesn't actually confirm the release dates which does seem a bit crazy having 3 films per year. Director Zack Snyder personally gave him a glimpse at Ben Afflevcks upcoming Bat-suit all the way last August. Then when the suit was finally revealed a couple weeks back he went onto mention something about how all the DC movies stories will connect. Now most of us took this as an obvious "Well Duh" moment but it's because he knew what was going on for a while. It really seems that Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara is leading the charge in this DC universe and it should be very exciting!

He goes onto talk about the DC scoop at the 1 Hour 27 Minutes Mark...

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