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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jason Momoa Has Been Cast as 'Aquaman' in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Afterall!

Khal Drogo you massive lair! After months of speculation that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) was being considered for a role in Batman v Superman it seems it may indeed been true! This comes off massive denials from the acting even stating that he was offended anyone would consider him as 'Aquaman' in a movie. This also comes off of years of social ridicule the character has gotten as the most useless character on the Justice League on shows like Family Guy.

Now HitFix has learned from their sources that Jason Momoa is going to play Arther Curry and Zack Snyder is "finalizing his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon," Aquaman also will be pretty pissed off at the surface world for what the World Engine did to the Indian Ocean in Man of Steel.While this report claims that it's for Batman v Superman and Nikki Finkie report said Aquaman would be in Justice League. So it may be a small cameo towards the end of the Batman v Superman setting up Justice league and not a secondary character like Wonder Woman.

This should be also taken with a small grain of salt though. While HitFix is a reputable website they aren't known for casting update like The Hollywood Reporter or Deadline. But that doesn't take away the fact he has been rumored for months!

:: UPDATE :: - The Hollywood Reporter has just confirmed that Jason Momoa will indeed play the King of Atlantis! Jason Momoa also posted this photo on his Instagram several days ago...

Batman v Superman hits May 2016

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