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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'Iron Man 3' Scribe Drew Pearce Wants Marvel's 'The Runways' and 'Moon Knight' on Netflix

News has been flying out of Marvel Television on the upcoming Netflix shows Daredevil. Soon we will get information on their other shows like Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. All these characters will be apart of the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe but will take care of the street thugs that still fester in the MCU. Some fans see other street level heroes getting their own shows down the line in their own 'phases' just like the movies. Some of the characters include The Punisher (Who we all hope pops up in Daredevil at some point) as well as The Runaways mini-series and Moon Knight (Marvel's Batman with Multiple Personality Disorder)

So I reached out to Iron Man 3 and The Runaways scribe Drew Pearce to tell him that a Runaways show should be on Netflix since the movie was scrapped in favor of The Avengers in 2011:
I think we can all agree a Moon Knight series would be perfect on Netflix in this upcoming Street Noir universe. But until then this is nothing more than a simple fans hope. We may learn more of these street level heroes when Daredevil roles out next summer exclusively on Netflix!

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