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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Legendary & Universal "Event" Movie Announced for 2016; Monster Mash-Up Crossover?!

Today, Legendary with their new partners Universal (via Deadline) announced a top secret movie coming out November 4th, 2016. Story details are being kept very quiet on the movie but it's being called an "event project". What could it be?!

After the success of the massive crossover known as The Avengers it seems every single studio want's to get some type of crossover movie going. "The Avengers Sickness" is effecting all studios with Warner Bros moving forward with Justice League, Sony and FOX with their Spider-Man and X-Men cinematic universes respectively taking off. But what about Legendary and Universal? What can they do?

Last year after Legendary split their partnership with Warner Bros and teamed up with Universal they gained a slew of characters from their "Universal Monsters" collection. Mixing Legendary Studios monsters of Pacific Rim and the upcoming Godzilla film with Universal could make a great crossover film. One monster in particular has been at Universal and has met Godzilla once before on the big screen........his name is King Kong!

Now well this is pure speculation and hopeful thinking theoretically Legendary and Universal big "Event" film could indeed be a monster mash up film between Godzilla and King Kong if not other monsters that are owned by Universal Pictures.

Yesterday Collider spoke with Legendary CEO Thomas Tull about their upcoming Godzilla movie. They asked him point blank if a Pacific Rim/Godzilla movie could ever exist which he replys
COLLIDER: So I have to ask you as a fan of another universe that you helped create and a fan of this universe that you’re hoping to reboot, if you will, is it possible that the world of Pacific Rim and Godzilla are the same world or are they completely different?

TULL: They’re completely different worlds.

COLLIDER: Am I the only one to ask or are other people asking?

TULL: You know, you’re the only one that has asked it in that way.  It was very specific versus saying, “Is there any way Godzilla would ever fight-?”  or something like that.

COLLIDER: I asked Guillermo point blank when Pacific Rim was coming out and Godzilla was being put together I’m like, “This could be a fun crossover.”

TULL: [Laughs]
So unfortunately you won't be seeing Gypsy Danger battling Godzilla but when Collider mentioned the Universal Monsters Legendary had just acquired the CEO mentions:
COLLIDER: Universal has Universal Monsters, I don’t know how you feel about Universal Monsters.

TULL: I’m a huge fan and I think that’s a rich tapestry, of course.
Of course remember this is all pure speculation on a monster crossover. For now it is still simply an Untitled Legendary/Universal film slated for 2016

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