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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Laural May Finally Become 'Black Canary' in Season 3 of 'Arrow'

During the finale moments of Season 2 on Arrow we saw Sara Lance re-join the League of Assassins but not before passing her Black Canary jacket off to her sister Laural. As many comic fans know its Laural (Or Dinah) who is actually Black Canary in the comics as well as frequent Green Arrow partner/love interest.

Now in a recent interview with the cast of Arrow TV Line asks actress Katie Cassidy if she thinks that Laural will get to become Black Canary:
TVLINE: Is Laural on track to take over as Canary?

KATIE CASSIDY: I do think the torch has been passed. I get that feeling, and I think everybody else gets that feeling.
She goes onto reveal that her workout regiment is getting boast in preparation for the next season. She also posted today a new photo of herself with the description "Look who's blonder!"

Arrow returns to The CW this Fall

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