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Thursday, May 15, 2014

John Barrowman Promoted To Series Regular on 'Arrow'; Is Thea Queen Becoming 'Cheshire' !?

After yesterday's explosive Season 2 finale it has been announced that the Dark Archer himself John Barrowman has been promoted to series regular in Season 3 this Fall:
The actor goes onto to tell TV Line about Season 3 “excited to explore what is yet to come between Malcolm and [daughter] Thea” Speaking of Thea Quen (Played by Willa Holland ) we last saw her attempt to kill Malcolm Merlyn (Barrowman) but of course he had Kevlar chest guard and survived. Then after last night's finale she see's Roy take up the mantle of Arsenal and decides she can no longer trusts him then joins up with her evil biological father Malcolm Merlyn. What could this all mean?

Well, in the comics Roy Harper (aka Red Arrow/Arsenal) has a romantic relationship and eventually a child with the evil villainess Cheshire. Cheshire is actually a member of the League of Assassins as well as having the assassin Sportsmaster as her father. In the Arrow-verse it seems they are setting up  to have Thea Queen "turn to the dark side" and be trained under Malcolm Merlyn in the ways of the League. She could come back to reek havoc on Roy Harper and the entire Arrow team.Of course this all pure speculation....

Arrow returns this Fall on The CW

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