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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hugh Jackman Want's in a 'Deadpool/Wolverine' Movie Himself

While speaking with IGN Movies actor Hugh Jackman reveals that even though X-Men Origins took some major liberties with the character he would love to see Wolverine square off with Deadpool again. Originally played by Ryan Reynolds (Than Scott Adkins) Deadpool was butchered in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It seems even Hugh Jackman has heard of that elusive script from the Deadpool spin-off:

"We sort of took a pretty strong choice on Deadpool, where we kind of stitched him up. And I love the character of Deadpool and I think that the sort of badass, fast-talking, funny, annoying Deadpool vs Wolverine would still be cool. We’ve sort of done it, but I think we could have done that much better."
 In a separate interview (via Comic Book Therapy) Hugh Jackman reveals that not only was FOX OK with a Hard-R rated Wolverine movie. But it was he who the only one who spoke out against it. Eventually they released the R version on DVD with a PG-13 version in theaters....Is it so hard to do this for Deadpool?!
"[The studio was] open to it, actually. It didn’t scare them off, as long as we have a good reason for it. I was the one to call it off. In a way, I would love to do it — if there was ever a character that would necessitate an R-rated version. But I’m the one who, every day of my life, meets 12, 13, 14-year-olds. I see in their eyes how I used to feel about Indiana Jones. So for me to say, “You know what, this next movie, it’s not for you” — I would have to have a really good reason for it. So we made the movie without a rating in mind, and the first cut, let me tell you, we had trouble. It was definitely R-rated. So in the end, we just snuck on the side of it, but that’s why we released the unrated cut on Blu-ray."
 X-Men: Days of Future Past hits this weekend 

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